Top Gear in Durban

This past weekend saw the Top Gear boys’ first show in Durban. It was their first show in an actual stadium, in fact, and they claimed they “hadn’t realized how big the Moses Mabhida stadium is when we booked it”, which resulted in only a third of the seats being able to be filled. “Slightly less than a third, actually” as James May said in his usual pedantic fashion.

Despite this, the festival was a fantastic success. With a variety of cars on show, both modern and historical, local talent in the form of a motorbike stunt show and a professional drifting team, it made for any petrolhead’s dream.

The main stadium show was well done, it maintained the usual playful banter between the hosts, and introduced some interesting’ Olympic sports’ using cars. To top it all off, a record was broken by one of the Top Gear stuntmen- the first double loop in a car. Watch it here.

We’re interested in hearing your views on the festival, if you went, and if you didn’t- why not?


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