June Newsletter

Dear Smokoo User,

As you may know already, Smokoo has recently been taken over by BidFair.Don’t stress, this just means we are now Bigger, Better and much Fairer. The deals are getting crazier and the game play much more exhilarating. Your current unused bids are still valid and can be transferred to BidFair easily.  This is our little welcome mail to you to say “Hello” from the BidFairNatic Team!

Who is BidFair?

BidFair was launched in 2010 by a group of tech savvy, marketing guru’s with a vision of making the online auction scene more exciting, rewarding and fair for the bidders! The company is based out of Durban, South Africa. With our staff having many years of experience in the online marketing, finance and computer science industries, we strongly believe we can deliver the best auction experience to our customers with the best promotions, service and integrity. We strive to keep our costs as low as possible to maximise the number of great deals on offer at BidFair.

What has changed?

Nothing much in fact, other than the name, logo and a much more interactive game feel for the auction world. There are going to be bigger and better prizes up for grabs and we are looking for ways to give back to ourBidFair members at every turn!  Stick around, click around and get your pick of the best gadgets in town…

New Features?

Come on over to www.bidfair.co.za and check out how easy it is to use the site. There are still all of the great features available such as the BidButler and ability to win prizes at ridiculously cheap prices. We also have new concepts that will get you all hot under your index finger such as our Bid Rewards program. Every time you buy bids you will earn points which are redeemable for prizes. Everyone is a winner at BidFair!http://www.bidfair.co.za/rewards

The BidFairNatic family is ready to welcome you into our world, a world where the auctions are unbelievably fun and exciting!

To get you started here is a look at the promotions we are currently running:

Friends With Benefits:

Share the love and win! Get a friend to sign up and win and you will walk away with a mystery prize, without having to a place a single bid. The more friends you get to sign up, the better your chances of winning. Running for the WHOLE month!

Super6 Challenge:

So far this completion has been intense! Users have won thousands of FREE bids so far. What is so amazing about these vouchers is that bidding is FREE! For every 6 Super6 Vouchers you win, you will claim 600 Free Bids. If you can beat our Super6 challenge you will win the awesome monthly featured prize! So, play with free bids to win bids and prizes! Only at BidFair!

PS: If you haven’t registered an account with BidFair as yet, please do before the 30th June 2012 in order to get any unused Bids from Smokoo transferred into your BidFair account.


Rethink the way you shop.


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