Gaming has never looked so good…

For a long time the general consensus among PC gamers has been that a desktop computer will always outmatch the performance of a laptop. This tends to make things like attending a LAN quite an endeavor, as lugging around the PC plus screen plus cabling can be rather cumbersome. Laptops generally simply could not provide a gamer with the same overall experience, with regards to gameplay. Of course in recent years, this has changed; with laptops becoming more powerful and catering more towards gaming. And then there is this

Alienware has been a big name in the world of laptop gaming (we’re sure you’ve seen a couple up for grabs on the BidFair site) both for functionality and appearance. We think it looks fantastic. What do you think? For those of you who game, do you prefer consoles or handhelds, PCs or laptops?


One thought on “Gaming has never looked so good…

  1. For me they are like Pokemon Gotta get em all> ;P

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