FREAKY33 Part 1

Hi BidFairNatics,

To get you in the mood for this July’s FREAKY Friday the 13th, we are running a promotion this week.

During the week, we will post 3 scary stories to the blog. You need to guess which stories are mere myths, and which is based on freaky fact. Once all three stories have been posted, comment on the final post and tell us which story you think is true. If you are right, we’ll give you 100 free bids. Winners will be announced on Friday.

The first story will appear below.

Story Number 1:

The Possessed Doll

In the late 1800s, a family owned a plantation in Florida, USA. One day, one of the servants gave the family’s youngest son a doll. But soon it became chillingly obvious that this was no meager children’s toy…

Once the boy brought the doll into the house, strange things began to happen… At night the family would hear an eerily giggling and the pitter patter of tiny feet running through the house. One day, the boy’s parents came entered his room to find it a complete mess, clothes and toys strewn about and his dresser overturned. At first the couple blamed the child, but when the father came to lift the dresser, he struggled under its weight. How could a young boy have overturned this?

The boy kept the cursed doll through the years. For some reason, he became attached to it, and spent countless hours locked in his room talking to the doll. Years later, when he married, he still had the doll. His wife hated the doll, and in time forced him to place the doll in the attic. But before long, the man brought the doll back down to a top floor room with a view. Neighborhood children reported seeing the doll moving in front of the window.

After the man died, his wife left the home and leased it, but stipulated on the lease that the doll must remain alone in the attic. Families who leased the home swear that they have heard the doll running back and forth in the attic as well as the sound of giggling. When they would check the attic, the doll had changed positions.

Once the man’s wife died, the doll was removed from the house and placed in a museum where he still resides today. To this day… museum staff and visitors continue to report a great deal of paranormal activity surrounding the doll.


While that story was definitely freaky… is it fact or fiction? Keep checking the blog this week to read the next two tales, then comment on the third story when it’s up and let us know which story you think is based on fact.

AND until Friday the 13th, use the coupon code ‘FREAKY33’ on any Bid Pack purchase and get 33% FREE bids!


3 thoughts on “FREAKY33 Part 1

  1. Wooooooah! Hectic stuff! I hope I sleep tonight haha

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