FREAKY33 Part 3

Here it is, BidFairNatics! The final FREAKY story. Check on the first and second stories and comment below which you think is based on FACT. If you’re right, we’ll give you 100 FREE bids.

Don’t forget the coupon code until Friday the 13th July: ‘FREAKY33‘ for 33% FREE bids on a Bid Pack purchase.

Story Number 3

The Play Mate

Six year old Rebecca was a shy girl who kept to herself and would rather play with her toys than other children. Though her parents found this slightly worrying, it was obvious that their daughter was happy; she simply preferred to keep to herself.

Her school teachers had the same comments, while Rebecca was polite and sweet, she was a tad quiet. Everyone involved thought it was best to let her come out of her shell naturally, rather than to force the issue.

Sometime before Rebecca’s 7th birthday, her father was offered a job as a partner at a large lawyer firm. Although this meant more income for the family, it also meant upheaval to another state. After much deliberation, the couple decided that it was in the best interest of the family to accept the position.

The neighborhood into which they moved was grand. A set of elegant estates, all set on vast, sprawling lawns with an abundance of large trees and beautiful flowers.

The families fell in love with their new home instantly, and were welcomed personally by all the neighbors along the street.

With the warm atmosphere and their beautiful new home, the couple felt as though they had truly found were they belonged.

This feeling was confirmed when the very next day Rebecca- their timid, shy little girl- came bursting through the front door, announcing that she has made her first friend.

His name was Alex, she’d said, he lived next door and he’d invited her to go play in his tree house after school.

Needless to say, her parents were thrilled by this new development and thought nothing of letting their daughter spend a few hours after school playing with her new friend, provided that she was home by dinner-time. She always was, and each time she came home brimming with stories of the imaginary adventures she and Alex had got up to.

This went on for a week, and Rebecca’s parents were thrilled. They had never seen their child so happy and animated.

Rebecca’s mother decided to offer a thank you to Alex’s parents, so one day she made casserole to take next door. She and her husband had met the family only once, on the day they had moved in, and although their son had not been with them at the time, the neighbours had seemed nice enough. They were quiet and left early though.

Rebecca’s mother made her way to the house and rung the bell, smiling brightly as a small, tired looking middle-aged women opened it.

“This is to say thank you,” she said brightly, “for everything Alex has done for our Rebecca.”

At this, the woman’s face went ghostly white. “But…” she whispered, “Alex fell out of his tree house and hit his head. He’s been dead for three years.”


7 thoughts on “FREAKY33 Part 3

  1. i think story 3 is fake

  2. I think Part 2 is based on a freaky Fact !

  3. I think Part 2 is based on fact – scary as it is:)

  4. Part 1 = mere myth
    Part 2 = freaky fact
    part 3 = mere myth

  5. Happy Friday the 13th BidFairNatics!

    Sometimes truth is stranger (and FREAKIER) than fiction. This was definitely the case when it came to these stories. We were shocked by which story is based on fact, and we think you will be too.

    Story 3: This one we wrote entirely ourselves. We see it didn\’t fool many of you 😉

    Story 2: This has been circulated as fact for quite some time, and while it is a good story, it\’s also not true. Read more about it here if you\’re interested:

    Story 1: Believe it or not, this is the story that is based on fact. It is believed that the servant who gave the doll to the young boy (named Robert) practiced Voodoo. The doll is still being kept at the The Fort East Martello Museum. Check it out here: (don\’t worry, it creeped us out too)

    A big thank you to everyone who participated in this competition. Please keep checking the blog and our FaceBook page for more promos and competitions.

    And don\’t forget the coupon code \’FREAKY33\’ for 33% FREE bids on a Bid Pack purchase is valid until 23:59:59 tonight!

    Rethink the way shop.

  6. Hahaha good one Bidfair, that was a really creepy story.

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