Super 6-Coming Soon!

Hi BidFairNatics!

Our last Super 6 Challenge was a huge success! We offered an epic Samsung Galaxy SIII as our main prize, and although the competition was stiff, user ‘JTB’ eventually walked away with the phone.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII

So what is the Super 6 Challenge?

Very simply, our challenge offers users a chance to play for a big prize by winning a number (usually 36) of vouchers. BUT for each voucher you win, you get 60 or a huge 600 bids, depending on the voucher! PLUS, for every 6 vouchers you claim, you score 600 FREE bids. So even if you don’t win the prize, you still win! The best part? Bidding on these vouchers does not deduct bids!

Super 6 600 Voucher

Super 6 6OO Voucher

Super 6 60 Voucher

Super 6 6O Voucher

When does the next Super 6 Challenge start?

We run this super promo every month and our next challenge will run from the 20th – 31st August 2012. Get ready, it’s coming soon!

What will you be giving away this time?

We are keeping this a mystery for now! But trust us, it will be worth the effort. Keep checking our promotions page for details.

I want to win! What tips can you give me?

We thought that the best person to answer this question is our previous winner JTB! We asked him how it felt to have won, and what his advice for future players was. Read his interview below:

BidFair: Congratulations on your win! How does it feel to have won the Super6 Challenge?

JTB: I’ll be totally honest and say that I felt great, but once I received confirmation that I won it, I was just so exhausted … very happy, but exhausted. It was basically a week of very little sleep and practically most of my time spent on planning and bidding (aka. clicking the hell out of my mouse … or maybe I should say mice). I went through 2 mice in the process.

The first was a wireless mouse that I changed after the first time the batteries died while I was in a bid battle. The second was a wired mouse (to avoid the battery issue) but the cable/button gave in during a bid battle as well. I then changed from bidding on my PC, to bidding on my laptop. The laptop had the advantage of having the built in touch pad & 2 sets of buttons. That made life a bit easier since I could click without being worried that the pointer would move. Also I had another set of buttons, just in case the one started giving problems. Then there was the internet that died on me a couple of times at crucial moments, and even though it was perhaps only a few seconds, it cost my the auction. 

So all in all, it was a great challenge that took up so much of my time, but at least I was rewarded by winning the challenge in the end (even though I had all these other challenges to deal with as well) … and to top it off I won it on the very last day as well. So I just made it, no thanks to dotCom & BoJangles, but much respect to them for sticking it out and sometimes in big & ridiculously long battles. At one point when I realised that I’m about halfway, and I actually had a chance, I calculated how many of the Super6 vouchers the other users had won, and apart from a few users just winning a single voucher the 2 users that had won the most vouchers (other than myself) was dotCom & BoJangles, but they were both short by about 2 of their 6 vouchers to get the extra 600 Bids, and that was when I realised why they we’re maybe giving me such a though competition, since they wanted to win those extra 2 vouchers to get the 600 bids.

So I thought I’d be a nice guy and not give them too much competition so that they could win those 2 vouchers that they needed … obviously thinking that once they’ve reached that goal, they might just make my life a bit easier. I was wrong, it was almost as if they came back harder and more determined than before, which made things very tough. So much so, that I thought at one point when there was about 2 days left, that I might just fall short of the magic 30 vouchers. Luckily I had a very good 2nd last day (winning 5 Super6 vouchers). 

Perhaps it was the good rest that I got over the weekend that did it or maybe my luck just changed. Either way, it worked and I managed to finally win that last voucher. Then of course I had to confirm (via BidFair staff) that I had indeed won enough vouchers to win the prize and once that was confirmed, It was like I had a big weight/stress lifted of my shoulders. Mission accomplished.

BidFair: Were you playing for the phone or for the free bids?

JTB: Definitely both.

BidFair: What suggestions do you have for our next Super6 challenge?

JTB: I’d love to see more electronics, since I’m a bit of an electronics/gadget junkie (Full HD TV’s, iMac’s, maybe full theatre/entertainment systems as in sound system + TV + DVD player)

BidFair: What advice do you have to users who take part in the Super6 challenge?

JTB: Make sure you plan your strategy ahead and that you are willing to spend most of your time in a day clicking a button over & over & over. You have to be extremely dedicated to win this challenge. This challenge is definitely not for the lighthearted.

Could you be the next Super 6 winner? We wish all our users the best of luck! Keep those bids coming, remember bidding on the vouchers does NOT deduct bids from your account. Keep checking our promo page for information.

Don’t forget we still have lots of other awesome auctions on the site! TVs, home appliances, consoles and MORE!


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