Xbox One vs Sony Ps4

The recent unveiling of both Microsoft and Sony’s latest gaming consoles have caused quite a stir among users. The race between the two heavy hitters has always been a tight one, so with the unleashing of new features, which one should you choose?

BidFair takes a closer look at what we know what the two consoles thus far, to help you make your choice.



So both consoles come with an impressive 500GB storage space. However, the PS4 provides allows the users to upgrade the hard drive, whereas the Xbox One offers the option of attaching an external hard drive via a USB port. The PS4 also comes with 2 USB3 Ports.

Winner: It’s close, but we say the PS4 takes this one.



Both consoles come with 8 gigs of RAM, but the PS4 GDDR5 is actually faster than Microsoft’s DDR3 BUT this may be virtually unnoticeable during everyday use.

Winner: It’s too close to call. Only time will tell if the RAM difference will have any effect during play.



Wow. Now that’s a lot of processing power!

Winner: Dead even!



Of course, at this stage it’s impossible to gauge the true visual effects but both consoles, however teasers of both consoles are reported to look incredible!

Winner: No clear winner yet.

Backwards Compatibility:

Unfortunately neither consoles will be able to play the previous PS3 or XBOX 360 game disks.

Winner: Very sadly, none.

Always Online:

Microsoft had originally intended for the XBOX One to be always online but thankfully they have abandoned this terrible idea. PS4 also doesn’t require an internet connection.

Winner: Dead heat yet again.

Motion Control:


Sony’s new Move camera will be sold separately to the console, and the new controller also appears to have some build in motion control. But the new Kinect, as reveled during the E3, is in a league of its own. What’s more, is that every XBOX One console comes with a Kinect.

Winner: This “one” goes to Microsoft.

Live TV Integration:

In this case, the XBOX One does it all. It integrates easily with your TV, allow gesture and voice control and more.

Winner: Although both consoles allow for streaming services, the XBOX comes out on top.

And finally… Price:


That works out to an estimated R5,000 for the XBOX One and R4,000 for the PS4. Bear in mind that the XBOX comes with the Kinect,. but this may or may not be a factor for you.

Winner: Well, it depends what you’re after.


At this stage, it’s hard to say which console is the better choice. It all depends on what your requirements are. Hopefully we’ll get to know more soon!

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Until the release of the new super giant consoles, you’ll have to make do with the PS3 and XBOX 360. Both of which are available at BidFair 😉


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