Xbox One vs Sony Ps4

The recent unveiling of both Microsoft and Sony’s latest gaming consoles have caused quite a stir among users. The race between the two heavy hitters has always been a tight one, so with the unleashing of new features, which one should you choose?

BidFair takes a closer look at what we know what the two consoles thus far, to help you make your choice.

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Hi BidFairNatics!

Despite rumours of RIM’s declining infrastructure, the popularity of BlackBerry handsets in this country is undeniable. We found a look at what the upgrade of the current BlackBerry devices; BlackBerry 10, are likely to contain.

What’s your favourite cellphone brand? Are you an Apple, BlackBerry or HTC fan? Or do you prefer something else?

Speaking of upgrades, you may have noticed some changes to the BidFair site recently. We have introduced a few new features to improve your your experience.

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Proudly South African

With Heritage Day just around the corner, we thought we would share this video with you. It is yet another classic marketing move from Nandos, which has become famous (and infamous) for clever and often controversial advertising. This one had us in stitches!

Why are you proudly South African?


BidFair would like to wish Mr Mandela a Happy 94th Birthday today. Tributes having been pouring in from all over the world, but one in particular has caught our eye. A look at Nelson Mandela’s life through various forms of social media. You’ll find the link here. This insightful and clever YouTube video begins with an intriguing question, and has got us thinking about the true, far-reaching impact of social media.